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Black Salve: Cancer Killer

Black Salve: Cancer Killer

[This is the First Part of my Series on black salve. All I can say is, there will be others.]

Black salve has been one of my cancer treatments of choice for the past 12 years since my melanoma diagnosis in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 2001.

I found it first at, thanks to some generous souls online whose healthcare nightmares mirrored my own. Days after my diagnosis, I visited their website and saw this: 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I was certainly in brand new territory, so I bought a small container of the stuff, which, upon arrival, looked and smelled like electronic licorice and was about the same color. It was thick, pungent and deep – and I got the feeling that when I was looking at it, it was looking straight back at me (cue theme from The Twilight Zone).

Following the instructions opened up my eyes to a brand new world: one where cancer treatments were both highly effective and inexpensive (in the case of my little tub of black salve, just under $25). This was my first step to freedom from the ineffectual circle jerk of pills, surgeries and doctors who never bothered getting to the root of the issue and solving it, but collected nonetheless.

After trying black salve out on a couple melanomas, I was sold. I said “shove it” to the gettajob-to-pay-for-pharma-based-healthcare half-life. I’d been on that downward spiral long enough, and there was nothing like a Big C diagnosis as a lead-in to going entrepreneurial and constructing my own path to healing. It really opened my eyes to the way much of society is actually run – and I discovered along the way that The Giant Sucking Sound wasn’t coming from me.

The first melanoma on which I used the salve was one I’d nicknamed Half’n’Half: a half-pink, half-brown, all-weird creature living on my skin with a black spot right in the middle where the two halves met in a perfectly straight line. It looked like something I’d encounter in Stephen King’s short, The Mist – or perhaps in a museum of modern art.

That just wasn’t right. Biopsies told me as much.

I put a fingertipful of the salve on Half’n’Half, and almost immediately, the sensation described in the lit that came with the Salve became reality: that of a rubber band snapping against my skin.

This continued for almost a day as the salve had its way with the mole, which later became like a solar eclipse, featuring a large black spot with a white halo around it, surrounded by another slightly pink halo of inflammation as this cancerous mole-monster was successfully treated. Eventually, the lesion became a dried-out scab as the skin below pushed the whole mess out of my body. Good riddance!

A couple weeks in, it fell off, leaving a slight indentation that filled back in over time and left a slightly scarred area that was a hair lighter than my normal skin tone. Looking at the fallen scab, I saw two black helical tendrils floating down from the pitch-dark mass in its middle. This got me thinking that I was staring at something that very possibly could have killed me if I hadn’t intervened.

In the years following, I’ve treated dozens of skin lesions, including several on my face as well as a breast nipple lesion that first appeared in late 2011 and became a real problem in 2012 (do check that one out – it’s a real doozy!). All using the same small container of black salve I’d bought in 2001, the same one I’d shared with friends, skeptics and willing-to-try-it-types. All were amazed at the results and often came back to me with questions on where to get it.

What works…works.

This was also the same container I’ve brought with me to various doctor’s offices, attempting to inform my white-coated compatriots about how well the salve worked. On many such occasions, I got the denial routine, after which I got up and left, telling the front office staff not to bother sending me a bill. I guess if your livelihood depends on a system that must outlaw or deny its far less expensive, but highly effective competition within what is heavily marketed to us as a “free market” system, that speaks for itself. Suffice it to say: science corrupted by money is not science at all.

Over time, black salve has proven itself a very effective tumor debulking agent that costs a tiny fraction of all the surgeries I’d have needed, if I’d chosen the surgical route.

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