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Vitamin C Intravenous: The Ultimate Immune Therapy

Vitamin C Intravenous: The Ultimate Immune Therapy

When people ask me what is most effective to keep the cancer cell count down to a minimum, I respond that chief among my medical therapies is the use of IV Vitamin C drip, or Intravenous Vitamin C.

To date, I’ve taken these treatments, which usually take a couple hours apiece, in both Mexico (Tijuana) and the US (Las Vegas). The cost in Mexico: $100. In Las Vegas: $160. In other words, Las Vegas is comparable enough cost-wise that the extra $60 is still a savings on the travel costs to Mexico, if you are just going for a standalone Vitamin C IV drip (which, at times between trips to Mexico for more all-inclusive health services, is the case).

The treatments themselves involve a needle-stick into a prominent inner-elbow vein, followed by the drip itself, which comes via plastic tube down from an IV bag, from which 50 grams (my dose, specifically) of Vitamin C is delivered, straight into my bloodstream.

Its actions are well-known…here are a few of the highlights:

  • Chemotherapeutic action: It is a great cancer-fighter, because peroxide is created in the blood. This is due to the response of cancer cells to the Vitamin C, which is to create said peroxide. Normal cells do NOT make peroxide like cancer cells do in reaction to Vitamin C – making Vitamin C IV drip therapy a highly-effective, highly-targeted therapy. If you’ve studied Otto Von Warburg’s contributions to our collective knowledge about cancer, you know that cancer cells are anaerobic and that oxygen will kill them – and peroxide in the blood for raising oxygen levels is nothing new.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Aside from the stress hormone cortisol, inflammation is enemy number one of good health. Inflammation plays a role in cancer and countless other disease processes, and Vitamin C IV can ameliorate this greatly.
  • Heavy metals detoxification: Vitamin C IV is given to me by American Bio Dental in Tijuana, Mexico, for the purpose of keeping heavy metals from re-depositing in my system while undergoing mercury amalgam removal. Detoxification from these was very necessary in my case to even begin relieving my body from cancer growths, that is how toxic I was.
  • Digestive & renal system bypass: Vitamin C IV drip goes straight into your veins, so there’s no going through the digestive and renal system barriers, which can limit the amount of Vitamin C that actually enters the system. This means blood levels of Vitamin C which are higher (and therapeutic) versus those which would be limited by the digestive and renal systems (and thus are lower and less effective).

I know quite a bit about that last one, having had some kidney weakness rear its ugly head from time to time. The desert environment of Las Vegas provided the treatment – namely beneficial minerals in small, steady amounts and liquids to match – but I can attest that at 50 grams per drip, I’ve never felt better.

Sensation-wise, it feels like an almost-high to me…I can literally feel my veins expanding to accommodate the IV drip’s contents. The first time I had this treatment…it was a bit disconcerting, it was like I was being “filled up,” but in a very good way 😉 Still, I wondered if I would really be okay…you know how those thoughts travel across your mind…but…I felt so much better and clearer in the head afterward, I was sold.

As for frequency of these treatments, that depends on the person and where they are in their treatment, what their treatment goals are, how many treatments they can tolerate, etc. Even though I say here that the Vitamin C IV drip bypasses the kidneys – i.e., the renal system – large amounts in your system can still affect renal function. The lesson: It is always best to start small – and I know some individuals who started with 10 grams and worked their way up to more, once it became clear the treatment was beneficial. As with every other treatment, everybody’s different, meaning every BODY is different, and thus your individual profile, including your sensitivities, must rule the day.

When choosing a Vitamin C source, please take very good care. I know some people for whom the treatment worked great…until they changed their provider and ran into serious problems because they received a different source for making their IV drips. All ingredients – including additives and preservatives – should be disclosed in full to anyone receiving an IV drip – this is going directly into the veins. If something is in your drip that doesn’t like you, you’ll know it – and most likely very quickly, so don’t end up on the wrong end of that equation.

To this end, a wonderful doctor in Las Vegas gave me the bottle that he used to make my IV drip, fresh on the spot. Take a look at the following image, which shows the ingredients for a drip which made me feel great and has no preservatives:

Vitamin C IV - Ingredients

And of course, check out the image behind this content or at the very top of this post for the “front page” of that same bottle…and note where it says “Preservative-Free.”

So it really is worth checking out Vitamin C IV drip therapy as a possible cancer treatment. Cancer is one of those things where I don’t want to leave any possible stones unturned. Vitamin C IV therapy has worked many wonders for me, and it is possible it will for you as well.

As always, do the research. Know thyself! And find great doctors – as guides, not gods – to help you.

Yours in Great Health,