Grand Canyon, Arizona

When other canyons dream, perhaps they dream they are the Grand Canyon, located in the state of Arizona in the Southwestern US. From the first peer over the South Rim from the Rim Trail, it felt like my breath left my body. The depth perspective you get from staring into this new world changes one forever.

Hiking here is filled with stunning vistas and crisp, fresh air – the kind that’s very rare on planet Earth these days. And yes, the brochures are correct – you’ll need to hydrate and salt often, eat healthy carbs (fruit is good for the electrolytes and sea-salty rice crackers seal the deal), and stay aware of the thin air with its decreased levels of oxygen as compared with lower elevations.

Driving to the Canyon from the south takes one over a desert area so flat that you’d never know a place like this even existed. Soon, you come into a wooded area where the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park is and pay your $25 entry fee (good for seven days as of this writing in May of 2014). Then, the Canyon is your oyster…


Click the caption image to the left to see the slideshow with my captions, or click the Plus at the top right of this page to see what’s behind this content…can you see the tiny house in the pic? It’s about the size of an average little house, which shows you how vast this place is…