Great Salt Lake, Utah

One of the items on my long, winding Bucket List was swimming in the Great Salt Lake, located in the state of Utah in the Southwestern US. I’ve always had more than a bit of trouble floating easily in pools (and normal oceans) because I don’t have a lot of body fat. The Salt Lake is unique among Earthly bodies of water in that it has much higher salt and mineral content – and thus is much easier for skinny asses like mine to float in.

The air here is filled with the smelly stink of an ancient, inland sea – the kind of stink that you know for sure to be healthy and nutritious, as it is about 10x on the smell of the ocean and then some. All I know is my skin absolutely loved it. This is a curative place, quite peaceful for the most part.

And then, there are the flies.

To swim in the Great Salt Lake requires driving across a causeway to Antelope Island State Park, just outside of Salt Lake City. It is a stunning drive where the scenery is very calming. On the way, I noted a number of biker-hikers, riding at top speeds down the causeway to the Island where great hiking, food and swimming awaits.

CaptionClick the caption image to the left to see the slideshow with my captions, or click the  Plus at the top right of this page to see the pic behind this content. You’ll see the loneliest bench on the planet. And you will sit there. And meditate. And dream…