I was invited to Oz in 2000 on a music project and jumped at the chance! Approximately 20 hours in the plane from Philadelphia to Melbourne, where I first landed, moving on to other spots, including Sydney (about which I can only say: if you’re ever lonely, get your ass to Sydney. You will not be disappointed!).

I traveled around a bit in between project work and learning some audio production tricks I still use to this day, and what can I say but they don’t call Australia “The Lucky Country” for nothing. Great scenery and food (and even better company). If you like the outdoors and water sports, this is the place.

Very laid back and undercrowded as compared to the US, which are probably what I appreciated the most. That, and all the cool people I met on the Melbourne beachwalk, including a fellow X-Files fan into all the big, universal questions…I didn’t get to spend nearly the time I wanted to there, even if just to get to know the people I’d met more deeply 🙂 …I will certainly return!

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