Among other things, life has given me two big stories to tell regarding the cancer and entertainment industries in America. Specifically, how similar they are.

I can only describe my experiences as a songwriter navigating the entertainment and music industries as a Lifetime Movie for Television – scandalous, full of familial betrayal, prejudice, shelf deals, censorship, suppression, money grubbing and backstabbing in traditional American fashion. If I were to give my story thus far a Hollywood-style tagline, I’d say it’s Life with My Sister Madonna by Christopher Ciccone meets Confessions of a Record Producer by Moses Avalon, backdropped by Patient, by Ben Watt of Everything But the Girl fame.

The day of my cancer diagnosis in 2001 (Adler, MD | Doylestown, PA) is something I think of as the dark cherry at the bottom of a long, downward spiral into pharma-caused illness, due to overscripped antibiotics, heavy metal toxicity courtesy of the dental industry and a few other choice goodies. The day of my cancer diagnosis was the day I left the mainstream US Sick’n’Pay racket for good, sicker than ever, broker than broke, and full of determination to land my dream career of big time songwriter-producer…and with it, access to the best all-inclusive healthcare I could find. Owning a body is expensive enough, never mind a sick one in America.

These days, I’m still fighting the Big C and winning. There are ups and downs. Cancer has taken me on a ride through an entire universe of thoughts and feelings, pushed me to places I never thought I’d go, introduced me to people I never thought I’d meet and oh, yeah – cancer’ll keep the weight off.

Don’t be surprised to see me trying to sort out a few things on these pages, on which there are songs, stories, photos, reports on treatments I’m using, commentary on the entertainment and cancer industries, a few of my favorite people, places and things…and yes, even some healthy recipes :-). Call it a blog with many, many benefits – bottling things up grows cancer (and quite well at that), so the mission of this site is to help keep the Big C cell count down to a minimum.

There’ll be nude images added to this site from time to time, of the medical significance variety in addition to the artistic variety. This is due to the types of cancer I’ve dealt with including melanoma – a form of the disease that I’ve got no choice but to bare it all and watch for (and sometimes enlist others to do the same, LOL!). I’ve had it all over, and for me, this has bred a whole new form of exhibitionism. I know for a fact that cancer does not attack clothing. 

I’m currently fleshing out (pun intended!) a music compilation project called Songs in the Key of Big C, so keep an eye on these pages. Tracks will appear as I get them done, redone, remastered, whatever. These span my entire decade-plus cancer experience and include the universal and personal, pop and anti-pop, hopeful, sad, joyful, angry and then some.

If my story and/or the information found here helps even one other person reading these words, that’s all music to me…

Yours in Good Health,

Alison Lorraine

PS – If you’re game to dig a little deeper…