A few of my current crushes…

1 Edward Snowden :: Smart guy. Smart guy with a conscience. Smart guy with a conscience…and the guts to use it. That’s a rare one. And near and dear to my heart after being surveilled in 2009/2010 and then accused of…well, you’ll have to read my book to find out (or peruse this site a little more). Arguably the most powerful guy in the world, with his steady stream of documents at the ready. But this kinda power’s different – information, the new coin of the realm. In any case, Snowden can blow my whistle. Anytime.

2 Dave Matthews :: Ever since I saw the interview where he was talking about his kids, saying (semi-stunned and very self-effacingly) “they…think I’m just great,” I’ve had this funny, talented and down-to-Earth guy on the brain. That, and Tripping Billies, his guitar playing (fast hands!)…“Eat, drink and be merry…for tomorrow we die…” 

3 Matthew McConaughey :: I never used to like this guy, so this took me totally by surprise, and it’s True Detective’s fault entirely. MM of earlier times didn’t even register (too beefcake…or something…inconsequential?), but after Dallas Buyer’s Club and TD, he hits all the nerves: skinny (more like toned, but gaunt), intellectual (I always fall for what’s between the ears) and yeah, just a little slick’n’sleazy for good measure. If it is possible to reincarnate oneself within one single lifetime, McConaughey’s done it.

4 Bryan Cranston :: Played the shafted chemgeek-turned-contender quite handily. Yesss! A drug dealing pro…who never got addicted…mmmm, uhhhhh, except maybe to power (and some money). And his death cert didn’t read Big C. Just plain ol’ handsome, hair or no hair.

5 Kevin Spacey :: Mmmmm, how do I love this man? Let me count the ways…American Beauty. Pay It Forward. And lately, House of Cards (which tells us, finally, what the Secret Service is really for). And his TV wife (Robin Wright) ain’t bad, either.