Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder: Ellagitannins, Ellagic Acid and Antioxidants, Oh My!

Raspex Raspberry Seed Powder: Ellagitannins, Ellagic Acid and Antioxidants, Oh My!

I first started eating fruit seeds some time ago after being told they contained beneficial and cancer-fighting substances like laetrile, which is found in apple and apricot seeds.

In 2012, while dealing with the nipple cancer lesion in my left breast, I came across a recommendation to use ellagic acid to help my body fight off tumors, my naturopathic MD in Los Angeles telling me that as long as I had enough antioxidants, I was protected.

Little Plate O'RaspexEllagic acid is a naturally-occurring phenolic antioxidant contained in many fruits and vegetables, and had been recommended to me as being suitable for my needs. At first, I tried a supplement that combined ellagic acid with graviola, which had long been my standby for helping fight cancers.

To my disappointment, the supplement didn’t agree with me – it was too concentrated for me at a time when I was also doing a very intense, year-long heavy metals detox on a three-days-on/four-days-off schedule using zeolite, cilantro and blue-green algae, including spirulina and chlorella.

The positive changes taking place in my body during this detox were nothing short of spectacular, and as bodies so often do, mine was changing. For the better. For me, it meant I had less and less use for supplements in general, including ellagic acid in concentrated supplement form.

In short: I needed to find something more food-like and body-compatible, rather than a refined and super-concentrated supplement.

I researched a little deeper and found that ellagic acid had precursors known as ellagitannins, that provide quite a bit more bioavailability in a much closer-to-nature form. That sounded good to me!

Enter Raspex Red Raspberry Seed Powder, made largely from a variety of the berry called Meeker Raspberries – those which contain the highest levels of ellagitannins that break down into beneficial ellagic acid in the body.

This is a powder made of finely-ground Meeker raspberry seeds, and is a beautiful berry color. Mixed with an avocado smoothie, it’s fantastic. Stirred into plain organic yogurt with a little stevia produces an almost parfait-like dessert item. I keep a container of it handy at all times and keep it refrigerated as recommended. I can think of no better way to get tons of beneficial antioxidants into my system.

That said, the powder is a bit hard to swallow by itself or with plain water – it does have some grit to it and unless it’s mixed into something, it can be rather scratchy. But that is a small inconvenience for the amount of antioxidants this lovely powder delivers into your system.

It has become a part of a regimen that includes Chinese and Naturopathic medicine, diet, herbs, exercise – pretty much all the things you’ll read on the My Cancer Protocol page on this site, which I update periodically. As always, do your own research and find what works for you!

I buy mine online from either SMDI or Amazon. It retails for around US $39.95 (or therabouts) and comes in a one-pound tub that can be popped right into the fridge upon arrival.

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